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日期:2017年03月04日 09:13 来源:环境学院 作者:    编辑: 李楠   摄像:   点击:[]



报告题目:Degradation of chloroflurocarbons (CFCs): characterising stable carbon isotopic signatures    

                   in remediation and the environment (修复和自然环境中利用稳定同位素表征CFC降解规律)    

报告人:Trevor Elliot博士/教授(英国Belfast女皇大学 土木和环境学院)    

地 点:北院8号楼411室       

时 间:2017年3月5日上午9点       





Trevor’s main interests are in: Groundwater dating; System Dynamics; Water Resources Management; and Aquifer Sustainability issues.

He is the academic lead for the Environmental Tracers Laboratory (ETL) which he established at QUB in 1999 to: advance the use of natural and applied tracers for geohydrology (i.e. with emphasis on the 'hydrologic or fluid flow aspects of groundwater') and the investigation and characterisation of environmental and engineering systems; so as to promote sustainable use and practice and to increase fundamental understanding of gas and dissolved phase bio/geochemical processes in the surface and subsurface (unsaturated and saturated) zones; and to use this understanding to predict and mathematically model fate and transport processes for compounds of environmental concern.   

He has been a past Associate Editor of Hydrogeology Journal (Springer; 2002-2006 inclusive) and on the Editorial Board and Hydrology & Earth Systems Science (HESSD & HESS: European Geoscience Union; 2005-2012 inclusive), and am currently on the Editorial Board of the open-access journal Water (MDPI; since 2014). 



















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